The Sqrrl Threat Hunting Ecosystem

The Sqrrl Threat Hunting Ecosystem provides an opportunity for different partners to deliver the industry-leading Threat Hunting Platform that integrates threat hunting, behavioral analytics, and incident investigation capabilities.

Alongside our technology, Sqrrl offers a breadth of support, training, and resources that help drive partners’ success. Plus, we’re easy to work with. The less time you spend in red tape, the more time you can spend growing your business. Interested in working with us? Become a Sqrrl Partner.


What kinds of partners does Sqrrl have?


The ecosystem has three partner types: Service, Sales,Technology

Service: The service category includes any partner that provides managed security services. These providers will offer Sqrrl’s threat hunting and incident investigations as a managed services to their customers. The Sqrrl platform may be hosted either at the service provider or end user location. Sqrrl will provide technical support as necessary, but will also provide partners with the technical and sales training to effectively market and deliver the Sqrrl product.


Sales: These partners, including resellers, value added resellers (VARs), consultants, system integrators and distributors, resell or position Sqrrl software to their customers. Sales partners receive the marketing and technical training they need to effectively market and/or sell Sqrrl, and Sqrrl provides necessary technical support for end users. Sqrrl’s Sales Partners benefit from providing their customers with the market leading Threat Hunting Platform.

Technology: A broad category that encompasses technology and OEM companies that seek a mutually beneficial relationship with Sqrrl. Sqrrl works with its technology partners to provide tight technical integration with their products and develops joint marketing materials on the integrated solutions, including reference architectures, webinars, and datasheets. Sqrrl’s technology Partners can bolster their (or their customer’s) threat hunting, incident investigation, and UEBA capabilities through integration with Sqrrl.


For more in-depth information about partner types or Sqrrl’s partner enablement programs, download the brochure below.

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