A Look Inside Sqrrl’s Company Culture

Sqrrl is located at 125 Cambridge Park Drive, a 470,000 square foot complex that hosts a number of innovative companies including Boston Scientific and Whole Foods. This month, an interview with Sqrrl CEO, Mark Terenzoni, and VP of Business Development, Ely Kahn, was featured in the monthly building newsletter. We would like to thank the author, Erin Tremblay, for her great article. Read it below!

Written by Erin Tremblay:

New to the Cambridge Park Dr. community, Sqrrl has called CPD home since this March. With an intriguing company name, CEO Mark Terenzoni gave me a glimpse inside Sqrrl’s corporate world.
Sqrrl occupies a fairly small space with brightly colored walls and an open layout. As soon as I saw large computer screens occupied by coding, I knew that Sqrrl was a technology focused operation. With a total company size of 43, there are 37 employees located here at 125 CPD, with 6 of them being remote. Sqrrl is made up of engineering, sales, administration, marketing, product management, and support teams. Most of Sqrrl’semployees sit close together at open desks. Though the office is very quiet, the open layout allows employees to communicate freely. When I asked Mark who works for Sqrrl, he said “our people are passionate, transparent, and team focused”.

Though there were no loose squirrels running around the office, when I entered the conference room where our interview took place, I was met by Edgar the Squirrel. Edgar may have been alive once, but Mark explained that the company name and brand is inspired by a cartoon based on a secret squirrel spy. Sqrrl’s logo even has a shield that symbolizes a squirrel’s favorite snack, an acorn!

So what does Sqrrl do? Mark explained that Sqrrl is a security analytics company that helps organizations gather, process, and analyze security data. Sqrrl’s products allow enterprises to hunt for bad actors within their network or user community before a significant data breach occurs. Sqrrl has targeted telecommunications, banking, finance, and the federal government as initial verticals to service. By finding what traditional detection tools miss, Sqrrl utilizes advanced technology to catch and solve problems before they happen.

Sqrrl’s history began in 2008 with the Apache Accumulo project which stemmed from the National Security Agency’s need for a data store that could meet its growing data challenges. In 2012 a group of the core creators, committers, and contributors to the Accumulo project co-founded Sqrrl. Sqrrl has extended this technology into Sqrrl’s current cyber hunting platform.

Ely Kahn is a co-founder and Vice President for Business Development at Sqrrl. For Ely, working at Sqrrl goes beyond work. It is a passion. “There are two reasons above all others that I love working at Sqrrl,” says Ely. “First, the culture of Sqrrl is to ‘get stuff done.’ If you don’t know how to do something, the expectation is that you figure it out. We hire smart people and try to remove any obstacles for them to operate efficiently. As a result, there are always opportunities to learn something new. Secondly, I find the work that we do to be fascinating. Our goal is to hunt down the hackers and insider threats that other cybersecurity tools miss. This puts us on the cutting edge of new cybersecurity techniques.”

Regardless of the highly focused atmosphere at Sqrrl, there is actually lots of fun happening throughout the week. On Mondays, employees can enjoy Martinis and let loose after work. On Fridays, employees are provided lunch and educational sessions are taught by Sqrrl’s team members. At the end of the day, the lunch & learn is followed by a social hour. Mark mentioned that they try to do out of office events on a quarterly basis. From charity to active gaming events, Sqrrl is a very close knit company. This year’s summer outing is going to be held right in Mark’s home. Throughout the year, many milestones and software releases generate company events and celebrations.

Cyber hunters by day, socialites by night!

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