In addition to Adam Fuchs and Ely Kahn other Sqrrl co-founders include:

Luke Brassard


Luke is a Founding Engineer at Sqrrl and is focused on maintaining data flexibility across multiple platforms and applications. He has previous experience with cloud and stream computing systems.

Phil Eberhardt


Phil is a Founding Engineer and leads web development for Sqrrl. Prior to Sqrrl, he worked for the Department of Defense under the National Security Agency where he coded on various web development and data visualization teams. He has a BS from Penn State in computer science.

Chris McCubbin


Chris is the Director of Data Science for Sqrrl. He has extensive experience with the Hadoop ecosystem and applying scientific computation algorithms to real-world datasets. Previously, Chris developed Big Data analysis tools for the Intelligence Community and applied artificial intelligence techniques to unmanned vehicle systems. He holds a MS in Computer Science and BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Maryland.

John Vines


John is a Founding Engineer at Sqrrl. He has extensive experience with Hadoop, Accumulo, and other pieces in the Hadoop environment. John was a developer for the National Security Agency for 4 years before joining Sqrrl. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Penn State, as well as CISSP and CEH.