‘Threat hunter’ emerges as new enterprise security role

As new waves of cybersecurity attacks threaten organizations, the typical response has been new layers of technology and automation. But some IT security executives believe the current environment calls for a new category of employee: the threat hunter.

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Review: Threat hunting turns the tables on attackers

The Threat Hunting Platform from Sqrrl Data was created by several ex-employees of the National Security Agency in 2012. Sqrrl integrates into any network and collects data from the SIEM as well as other sources, such as outside threat data feeds. Read more here.

Inside 3 top threat hunting tools

The Sqrrl Threat Hunting Platform is a great tool to aid those hunting hidden threats inside their network. It works for users with any skill level, but more experienced analysts will be able to create better theories about attacks and thus likely have more successful hunts.Read more here.

Next-generation security monitoring and analytics

This is Sqrrl’s second year in our Innovators issue and over that year it has been busy continuing its innovation. The company has added new functionality since last time we looked at it. Read more here.

The Age of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

Machine learning provides powerful and accurate insights, making it likely to be one of the largest influencing factors on organizations’ Security Operations Center workflows in the coming years.

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Six for 16: Black Hat 2016 takeaways

On the hunt. Sqrrl and others all demo’d solutions for a proactive approach to finding compromises before they become breaches and to reduce dwell time.

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Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies Becoming Increasingly Important

As the federal government investigates the email leak from the Democratic National Convention, it is increasingly important for companies to develop proactive cybersecurity policies, such as cyber threat hunting. According to a recent SANS Institute report, 74 percent of companies engaged in threat hunting have reduced the potential for attack.

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