Network Lateral Movement from an Attacker’s Perspective

A security researcher at DerbyCon 7.0 showed how an attacker will infiltrate, compromise and move laterally on an enterprise network, and why it benefits IT professionals to look at infosec from a threat actor’s perspective. You can read more here.

Sqrrl Ferrets out Network Traffic Anomalies to find Hidden Threats

 Using a threat hunting platform like Sqrrl may take a little bit of a shift in thinking for cybersecurity teams. It’s less like being a beat cop and more like being a consulting detective, but arguably much more effective at catching the really dangerous, hidden threats before they can strike.

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Getting a start on cyber threat hunting

In this age of advanced persistent threats, waiting for traditional threat management solutions like IDS and SIEM to flag incidents and threats is simply not enough anymore.

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New online resource helps detect cybersecurity threats

A group of researchers want to help the cybersecurity community find hidden threats in their solutions. Together, 17 cybersecurity experts have teamed up to launch The new online hub, sponsored by Sqrrl, provides practical resources, expert research and training material on how to hunt security threats.
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How to build the best cyber-threat hunting team

As organizations’ security programs mature, an increasing number are not content to merely defend their networks by erecting digital walls and preventing malware attacks and compromises.

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