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What Do We Do

Sqrrl Enterprise is the most secure operational data store for massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. It is the only NoSQL solution that scales elastically to tens of petabytes of data and that has fine-grained security controls. Sqrrl Enterprise enables development of real-time applications on top of Big Data and supports a wide variety of analytics including search, SQL, and graphs.

Our Technology

Sqrrl Enterprise is built on top of the open source projects Apache Accumulo and Hadoop. Accumulo was originally developed by the National Security Agency and is used by a variety of government agencies and companies to tackle some of the largest and most complex datasets in the world.

Use Cases

Sqrrl Enterprise can be used to power real-time applications for Big Data (i.e., Big Apps) in a variety of industries that have massive amounts of data and strong security or privacy requirements, such as healthcare, finance, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and government.

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