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The Hunter’s Den: Command and Control

The Hunter’s Den blog series aims to go beyond framework and theory and dig into practical tips and techniques for threat hunting. In our previous post, we examined the practical ways that one can hunt for Internal Reconnaissance. In this post, we will take a look at how to hunt for Command and Control (C2) activity. Command and control is the process through which an attacker establishes a connection with a compromised asset that they have taken control of in a target network. C2 is a critical step in the process of carrying out an attack on a network. It is a category broad enough that it has its own kill chain step (KC6, “Command and Control”). Although it is a broad tactic, this post will survey the different ways that it might generally be carried out by an adversary.


Threat Hunter Profile – Deirdre Morrison

Deirdre Morrison


Years Hunting

Preferred Datasets
Firewall/Server/Proxy logs, Syslog, ((N|L)IDS)

Preferred Hunting Techniques
Endpoint behavior analysis, anomaly detection

Preferred Tools
Wireshark, Nmap, Kali, Custom/Github Tools