Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sqrrl Named a Hot Tech Startup by CRN

We are excited that CRN has named us a “Hot Tech Startup for May.” Check out the post here:

Is Accumulo the World’s Most Scalable Graph Store?

NSA just released some fascinating new data on Apache Accumulo performance as a massively scalable graph store. The data was presented last week at Carnegie Mellon University, and the abstract of the report reads: “Developing scalable graph algorithms in the   Read More »

New Sqrrl Video Series

We are starting a new video series here at Sqrrl in partnership with Wikibon and SiliconAngle. These videos will be whiteboard sessions given by our CTO and Co-Founder, Adam Fuchs. Our first video is an overview of Adam’s four key   Read More »

How to Choose a NoSQL Database

The world of NoSQL databases is a very noisy (and confusing) space. Matt Aslett at the 451 Group has done an amazing job of cataloging various databases (including NoSQL) in his Database Landscape Map. To simplify the NoSQL world, lets   Read More »

The History of Sqrrl

Interested in the history of Sqrrl? Check out this podcast with Ely Kahn from Sqrrl, Luke Fretwell from FedScoop, and Gunnar Hellekson (Red Hat’s Public Sector Chief Technology Strategist).

CSO Article on Securing Big Data Infrastructure

CSO discusses here the difficulty in bolting on security to Big Data infrastructure. Sqrrl Enterprise is the only Big Data platform with security baked in from the start. Read more here: