Monthly Archives: November 2012

Register for Accumulo Workshops

sqrrl is excited to deliver Accumulo training sessions in partnership with UMBC. We are offering workshops for Managers, Developers, and Administrators. Registration is now open for sessions in December, so sign up today!

sqrrl Sponsors 1st Hack / Reduce Hackathon

Just a week after launching, Hack / Reduce opened its doors to the public for its 1st Hackathon. A packed house of data scientists worked throughout the day on a number of diverse data sets to produce some very compelling   Read More »

Boston preps big kickoff for Big Data hub

Hack/reduce will launch its cool new work space near Cambridge’s Kendall Square on Thursday. The goal of the effort is to bring together the best big data people from private and public sectors and academia to train up the next   Read More »

Breaking Through Big Data Barriers with Cell-Level Security

sqrrl enables organizations to securely leverage all of their data and build powerful real-time Big Data applications using Apache Accumulo. These applications are applicable to a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, energy, consumer Internet, and government. Solutions in   Read More »