Monthly Archives: August 2012

VentureWire: sqrrl Lands $2M to Develop NSA Data Tech

With technology born from the needs of the National Security Agency and $2 million in seed funding, sqrrl data Inc. is developing secure database technology. The Cambridge, Mass.-based start-up is commercializing the Apache Accumulo database, initially developed at the NSA,   Read More »

Accumulo: Why The World Needs Another NoSQL Database

In the Big Data world, that means the ability to handle the three V’s (volume, variety and velocity) of data, the ability to process multiple types of workloads (analytical vs. transactional), and the ability to maintain ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation   Read More »

GigaOM: Big Data Startup with NSA Roots Nets $2M

sqrrl plans to parlay technology from the Apache Accumulo project, which enables the lock-down of segments of a record, to make big data applications more secure and compliant…Read More at GigOM