Sqrrl Enterprise can meet the Big Data requirements for a wide range of users by combining best-in-class security, performance, and analytic capabilities in the same platform.  Some example Sqrrl Enterprise customers include the following types of individuals: 

CTOs/CIOs:  Many CTOs or CIOs have Big Data initiatives planned or underway. Sqrrl Enterprise can serve as a foundational element within any Hadoop infrastructure. By adding Sqrrl Enterprise to their Hadoop architecture, CIOs or CTOs can create a Secure Data Lake for their organization that enables secure, real-time analytics across diverse and sensitive datasets.
CISOs:  Sqrrl Enterprise customers include Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) that are aiming to build a Big Data Security Analytics program. This requires using Sqrrl Enterprise to serve as a secure, massively scalable repository of diverse cybersecurity datasets that can be analyzed in real-time.
business executives
Business Unit Executives:  Business Unit Executives such as compliance managers, marketing managers, or product managers often have the need to develop a real-time application that requires processing of very large multi-structured and sensitive datasets. Sqrrl Enterprise can serve as the backbone for these applications.
Data Scientist
Data Scientists:  Data scientists seek to find patterns in large multi-structured datasets. Often times their access to datasets can be limited due to security concerns. Using Sqrrl Enterprise, data scientists can more easily conduct analyses across all the potential data available to them.