Sqrrl Enterprise

Our software product is Sqrrl Enterprise, which is the most secure, scalable, and flexible NoSQL platform for powering real-time web applications on top of big data and is powered by Apache Accumulo.


Sqrrl Enterprise Platform


Sqrrl Enterprise enables organizations to ingest, secure, index, and query massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data:

  • Ingest: Streaming or bulk data ingest from any source.
  • Secure: Encryption and labeling of data with fine-grained access controls.
  • Index: An extensible indexing framework to support full-text, graph, SQL, and document search.
  • Query: Industry-standard APIs and query languages.

Clients use Sqrrl Enterprise to build a variety of different real-time applications on top of Big Data. These apps could include cybersecurity analytics, healthcare analytics, and dashboards or search applications.

Sqrrl licenses Sqrrl Enterprise on a per-node basis via annual or perpetual subscriptions models. Contact us for pricing details or to discuss setting up a proof of concept.