Sqrrl Enterprise

Sqrrl is the Big Data Analytics company that lets organizations pinpoint and react to unusual activity by uncovering hidden connections in their data. Sqrrl’s linked data analysis platform gives analysts a way to visually investigate these connections, allowing them to rapidly understand their surrounding contexts and take action.


Sqrrl Enterprise enables organizations to ingest, secure, connect, and analyze massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data:

  • Ingest: Streaming or bulk data ingest from any source.
  • Secure: Encryption and labeling of data with fine-grained access controls.
  • Connect: Automatically organize data and extract information about the entities and relationships you care about.
  • Analyze: Web-based dashboarding and visual, contextual navigation of the data and relationships in the system.

Clients use Sqrrl Enterprise for a variety of real-time Big Data solutions, including cybersecurity analytics, healthcare analytics, and intelligence analysis.

Sqrrl licenses Sqrrl Enterprise via annual subscriptions models. Contact us for pricing details or to discuss setting up a proof of concept.