Apache Accumulo is a sorted, distributed key/value store and is at the core of Sqrrl Enterprise. It handles large amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data as a robust, scalable, and real-time data storage and retrieval system. Accumulo is inspired by Google’s BigTable paper.

Originally developed by the NSA beginning in 2008, Accumulo is now an open source software projected hosted by the Apache Foundation and natively integrates with Apache Hadoop. Accumulo is a low latency, non-relational database and uses Hadoop as its file system for storage.

Apache Accumulo has three unique technical advantages over other comparable non-relational or NoSQL database solutions:

Sqrrl Enterprise builds on these advantages and offers a number of additional features that make Accumulo easier-to-use, more powerful in terms of search and query capabilities, and even more secure.