A Sqrrl and Hortonworks Combined Solution

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Hortonworks, the leading contributor to and provider of enterprise Apache Hadoop.

Sqrrl and Hortonworks are jointly going to market to provide a secure Big Data platform built on the capabilities of our complementary technologies. Together, our solutions (Solution Overview) provide advanced secure data processing capabilities for Apache Hadoop. Sqrrl has tightly integrated its secure NoSQL database with Hortonworks’ Hadoop platform.

Hortonwork’s Hadoop distribution, the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), provides an open and stable foundation for enterprises and delivers a modern data architecture with the support of key technology partners. Hortonworks provides enterprise support for Accumulo within the Hortonworks Data Platform, and Sqrrl builds on this open source platform to provide enterprise class security, query, and search software for Accumulo through its database solution, Sqrrl Enterprise.

With this partnership, Sqrrl and Hortonworks bring innovative Big Data capabilities to a wide variety of industries, as customers can now leverage HDP and combine it with Sqrrl’s ability to securely bring data together and support low latency user applications at scale.

Sqrrl and Hortonworks have developed a joint reference architecture and have completed extensive testing to ensure ease-of-use and optimal performance in a combined solution. One of our joint customers is a large telecommunications provider where Sqrrl and Hortonworks power a “Big Data Cybersecurity Analytics application”. The integration between Sqrrl Enterprise and Hortonworks is seamless, and by layering Sqrrl Enterprise on top of HDP companies can now more easily develop secure, multitenant, and real-time apps that take advantage of all of their data, including highly sensitive datasets.

Sqrrl Hortonworks

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