Sqrrl, is the creator of Sqrrl Enterprise, which is a real-time platform for securely integrating, exploring, and analyzing all of your data to accelerate analyst search and discovery.

Sqrrl Enterprise unifies several Big Data approaches into a single platform, including Hadoop, Apache Accumulo, linked data analysis, machine learning, Data-Centric Security, and advanced visualization. Sqrrl Enterprise excels in use cases such as advanced data breach detection, fraud/waste/abuse analysis, and intelligence processing/exploitation/dissemination.

At the foundation of Sqrrl Enterprise is Apache Accumulo, which is a database project that is closely tied to Sqrrl’s history.


Our Story

Development of Accumulo began in 2008, when the National Security Agency (NSA) began searching for a new data store that could meet its growing data challenges.  NSA requirements included:

    • Elastic scalability to petabytes of data
    • Flexible schemas that could easily accommodate unstructured or semi-structured data
    • Fine-grained security controls that would enable the mixing of data with different security requirements
    • The ability to run on inexpensive, commodity hardware to minimize costs
    • Very fast read and write access to the data
    • Rapid application development for Big Data analytics

No database solution existed at the time that met these requirements, so NSA decided to build a solution of scratch (with some help from Google’s BigTable paper).  NSA called this new data store Accumulo.

Today Accumulo is used throughout the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Community and by various companies. In late 2011 NSA open sourced Accumulo, and in the spring of 2012 Accumulo become a top-level project at the Apache Foundation.

In the summer of 2012 a group of the core creators, committers, and contributors to the Accumulo project created Sqrrl to bring the benefits of Accumulo to organizations in a wide variety of industries. Sqrrl Enterprise builds upon a base of Accumulo and has combined it with various other Big Data tools and technologies to create the most secure platform for integrating, exploring, and analyzing disparate datasets.